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Education Consultant for Australia

Education Consultant for Australia

Education Consultant for Australia

Australia has been one of the preferred destinations among Indian students to pursue higher education. Every year thousands of students’ flock to study in different colleges and universities in Australia. The attractive scholarships that students get have been a major reason behind the popularity of studying in Australia.  Apart from scholarships, the part-time work facilities provide a wonderful opportunity for the students to work and study at the same time.

Core engineering, psychology, biomedical engineering, medicine, business management and data analytics, computer science and information technology, bio-medical engineering, tourism and hospitality management, earth science and other related fields are some of the top courses that students choose to study in Australia.

When it comes to the eligibility criterion for joining any university in Australia, the 3-year graduation system is considered as the main parameter for seeking admission in post-graduation courses. The Australian Bachelor Degree is considered equivalent to a bachelor degree in India like Bachelor in Arts, Bachelor in Commerce and Bachelor in Science.

The quality of education in Australia is the main benchmark in selecting to study there. Moreover, affordability of educational cost is another major reason why Indian student prefers to study in Australia. The boarding school cost can be around $11,000 to $22000 on an annual basis. There are rental expenses that can range between $170 to $500 per week. Homestay accommodation can cost around @235 to $330 per work while the on-campus charges can be somewhere between $100 to $290.

The Government of Australia offers the opportunity to study in Australia. As a requisite, the student needs to obtain a visa to study in the country. The student visa will depend on certain factors. For instance, every student has to furnish the details of the type of courses that he or she intends to pursue in Australia. Moreover, the age of the student and duration of the course for how long that student will have to stay will also be considered to grant a student visa.

With the student visa, the applicants can work part-time and even earn around $35 per hour. However, the type of jobs you choose to be in. Students can also choose to work full time during the vacation and even earn some more cash. The additional money will be useful in meeting the living expenses. For international students in Australia, the government here offers post-study work visas. Hence, students can gain work experience while working full time for 18 months to up to 4 years. In such instances, students can even apply for a permanent residency.